Working, replying to that one friend that’s trying to stay up with you. You watch the time pass like rain falling down. 11 pm.. 12 am. 1:30 am. 3 am… the clock keeps ticking. You’re tired but have the urge to do something. You drink your favorite caffeinated beverage to keep yourself awake for as long as possible. You work on some sort of art, drawing, writing, thinking. It’s all art. 3:30am. You listen to music as you feel sleepier. Your friend passes out from exhaustion. You keep working. 4am. You find a song that you used to listen to fifty times a day for weeks on end. 

 “I miss you..” He says as he puts his hand on your shoulder.

 “I thought you hated me..” you say as he takes your hand. you look back at him with a tear forming.

 “Life messes things up.. I still love you..” He kisses you on the forehead. Your throat tightens as the tear falls down your face.


I wish it was true but he was never there. I was just there drowning in my music.


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