Chapter One

 Do you ever feel like you only slept eight minutes, when you actually slept a full 8 or more hours? That’s the same thing I’m feeling right now. It was seven already, that means I have only twenty minutes to get ready for school. Good thing I don’t wear makeup like most girls at my school or I would have to wake up earlier. As much as I don’t want to go to school, I have to, or else people start assuming the worst. One time I missed school and they had a search party, and a funeral for me the same day! I finally pushed myself up out of bed.
 I’m supposed to double check to see if I have grown any, and report to the ‘clothing specialist’. When you hit a certain height and grade they give you a whole batch of clothes, and they don’t give you more until you grow, and can’t fit in them anymore. I guess they do this so it can cut costs. I grabbed my galaxy binder and headed out for school.
 Going to school is one of the few times you can get out of your house, except for the occasional invite from a peer, or you’re needed for something. I grabbed what I needed and walked out. The hallway was the same as it always been, the grayish walls that reminded me of a prison. Then there was the tile floor that always seemed to have scuff marks. The door to the classroom was only about ten feet away. I have to have my ID on to get in or else I’m locked out. Because I’ve been locked out a few times I learned to keep my ID in my binder. I popped open the binder and got my ID from the plastic flap. I slid my ID badge like a credit card in the little machine. It beeped a few time before opening the door. A few of my friends were already sitting down and getting ready for the lecture. My class is very small, only because we study a topic most people don’t even think about. I study creative theory, which basically is writing mixed with a bunch of random theories the teacher gives us. I only have a few months before I graduate so the teacher is pushing all of us to do our best, and continue doing so.
 The teacher came up to the desk as a few other students rushed in. The teacher is a new type of robot that uses artificial intelligence to teach us. Its teaching methods is based on a theory that if you get a persons peer to teach them, they will learn faster than if they learn from someone that is twice their age, but because it was so hard to train someone that was so young they then decided to make a robot that can talk and be updated about how teens communicate, and new slang, and styles that pop up. When they first created a teaching-bot, they didn’t program it with artificial intelligence, but because there were so many problems with the bot updating, they used artificial intelligence so it could learn the new teenage slang faster than it would take to make an update for the robot.
 “All senior classes begin now,” stated the intercom.
 Senior classes are the older teens classes, This helps separate the younger teens from the older so they don’t get bullied, and so they can sleep in a bit longer.
 The robot began to speak,
 “For all that forgot, last nights homework was: don’t you think that to go down a hill that you would need to comprehend that you went up it first? Louise! You know our rules about passing notes. If you need to talk to a person you can talk to them after class. As for now, your punishment will be to read last nights homework out loud.” I looked at Louise. Her face looked bright red. I realized that she was trying to pass me the note.
“I didn’t do it yet, I was hoping that I could hear others theories and contradict what they thought about the topic. I need more time to have a complete argument, but from what I’ve heard from others I feel like there would be a few people that would feel the incline and realize that there would be more to life than the little part of the hill that they would be on…”
 ( book to be continued)


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