World Hunger & How it Effects you



Why do people starve? Many people ask these questions,  even little kids! People starve because they can’t afford to eat. One in nine people go to bed hungry, but one in three people are malnourished. Many people have tried to help the poor by allowing them to sleep and eat at their church, or even bought someone a meal. Those helped the hungry to get well and have food at their disposal,  but there still is a lot of people that don’t have enough food or even their families. We have enough food to feed the world but the problem is distribution. Hunger interested me personally because so many people talk about hunger and how you can help, but they never go up to a hungry person and actually help them.


How Hunger Effects Millions

Nearly 3 million children under age 5 die from undernutrition. So if you think that this doesn’t affect you, it does. It affects the future of the world, those children are our future. one of those children could figure out the formula that could make teleportation work.


The difference we can make

I’m sure we have all seen that homeless man on the street corner and gave him a few dollars, or if your anything like my mom you probably just said, ‘Who knows, I bet the minute I give him a dollar he’s gonna go straight to the gas station and buy some cigarettes.’ Now because I know this about some people I’m not gonna say to give those people money. I plan to start up a volunteer work that creates jobs for people and feeds their family at the same time. You don’t have to do all that, but you can donate to organizations that do help the hungry or help volunteer to help feed those people.




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